April 17, 2010

Duquesne Light Watt Choices: Sounds Like Cash For Appliances – Part 2!

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Has anyone taken advantage of the rebate programs Duquesne Light has been offering to their customers who buy energy efficient appliances or make energy saving upgrades to their homes? In the last billing statements mailed out by Duquesne Light there was an insert that invited customers to look at wattchoices.com for a list of appliances and upgrades that qualify for the Duquesne Light rebate.

These rebates are administered by Duquesne Light and are separate from any other programs you may be eligible to participate in. The current $50.00 rebate for customers buying energy efficient dehumidifiers was highlighted in the flyer, but there are many other appliances that can qualify. Some Duquesne Light customers may qualify for several rebates.

You will find a list of all the current rebate promotions on their website. Duquesne Light also mentions that you should check this list often as they plan on adding additional rebate promotions as time goes on. Rebates on things like installing a high efficiency showerhead, adding ceiling insulation, or switching to compact fluorescent lightbulbs are issued in the form of Visa debit cards that can be used anywhere such cards are accepted.

Refrigerator in the basement or garage? Additionally, Duquesne Light is offering a $35.00 rebate check to customers who have them come pick up an old, energy wasting refrigerator. You don’t have to buy another one in order to take advantage of this program and Duquesne Light arranges pick it up and responsibly dispose of it for you. Sounds like a pretty good deal. They pick up the cost of disposing the old refrigerator and pay you! As long as the refrigerator can still run when plugged in, Duquesne Light customers can have up to two refrigerators picked up per year. Get the specifics here and click on “Programs & Solutions”.

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  1. Reneice said,

    How can I find anything out when the web servicer is unavailable.

    • bowmansmoneycollege said,

      Looks like Duquesne Light’s site is up. Their Watt Choices site provides links to the rebate forms you may be interested in.

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